Rules for access and visiting ROMSILVA educational / thematic routes

This regulation establishes the rules of conduct and safety rules applicable to visitors to the ROMSILVA educational trails. Please read them carefully! 

Traveling ROMSILVA educational routes is done at your own risk by reading and understanding these regulations. The educational staff (teachers) and the group supervisor have the obligation to ensure that the student and/or minor complies with the rules of conduct and safety.

Access to and visiting the ROMSILVA educational trails is done only in compliance with the rules for visiting the trail, according to these Regulations.

Access to and visits to the ROMSILVA educational trails during February-June, the period related to the implementation of the national educational programs programs like “Scoala Altfel” and “Saptamana Verde” will be made only by prior appointment, accompanied by teaching staff and on the basis of the visit ticket where it is perceive.

Depending to weather conditions and the practicability of the route, the administrator of the educational route can restrict access to the route even for groups that already had a scheduled visit, considering the safety of the visitors.

The access of groups of students and/or minors is allowed only with companions, respectively teachers or legal guardians.

Do not deviate from the marked route! Visiting ROMSILVA educational trails is only allowed in the marked and delimited area of the trail. Deviation from the educational routes (leaving the ROMSILVA marked routes) is not allowed, with the exception of forestry personnel in the exercise of their duties, patrolling by persons authorized by ROMSILVA, with permission from the route administrator and members of the Salvamont public services in patrolling, rescue or workouts.

It is forbidden to cut, break or remove the roots of the trees, saplings or shoots, as well as taking some or all those broken or felt by natural phenomena or by other persons for the purpose of building shelters, facilities, etc.

Do not feed the animals or disturb the natural environment of wild animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, etc.)

It is forbidden to disturb the peace of nature!

If you are accompanied by pets, especially dogs or cats, make sure they are not left loose! (both for their safety and the safety of wild animals)

Access by motorised vehicles is prohibited on the tourist routes (the exception is the sectors that overlap with public roads).

The sound devices have the obligation to respect the legally allowed sound level according to the legislation in force.

It is strictly forbidden to destroy or degrade the information boards, markings and indicators, as well as the panels, poles or markers on the ROMSILVA educational / thematic routes.

Degrading benches, trash cans or any other constructions or facilities on the territory of the ROMSILVA educational trails is prohibited.

The lighting of fires on ROMSILVA educational trails is regulated as follows:

  1. lighting fires in the forest is prohibited throughout the educational route. The use of grills is not allowed. Fire prevention and extinguishing rules will be respected;
  2. it is forbidden to cut, break or pull out the roots of trees, as well as the use of those felt or broken by natural phenomena, the bushes for fire.

The waste regime on ROMSILVA educational routes is regulated as follows:

  1. it is forbidden to abandon and/or incinerate garbage of any kind throughout the ROMSILVA educational routes.
  2. garbage will be disposed of in specially arranged places; each group or visitor will dispose of their garbage and waste in specially arranged places.